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A Word from Randall Young

Hi, my name is Randall Young, the founder of Go Pro Home Inspections. I believe, getting a home inspection is more than a suggestion when buying or selling a home. For me, a home inspection means peace of mind. Peace of mind, that when your family moves in your new home, you feel safe. When your daughter takes her first steps, you know without a doubt that she is safe. She may fall but be assured, the floor she is walking on will not.


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Randall Young. Go Pro Home Inspections Las Vegas. Go Pro Home Inspections Las Vegas.

My Story

My story in home inspections, started when I was ten years old. My father was a painting contractor in a small town in Southern California. He also was a successful home investor. He taught my brother, my sister and I, how to find problems in homes and how to fix them, which we did and did often. During my childhood we helped restore nearly a hundred homes.

When I was old enough to go out on my own, I left home and started a career in construction. I went to work for a large construction firm in Los Angeles. They supplied water to the city and built much of the cities water systems. It was there I learned how water systems worked. How to evaluate problems and find cost effective solutions. How building and development works. I in turn used this knowledge to buy my own homes, fixing and then selling them for a profit.

Now, years later, I inspect homes for others and give advice on what problems I see and offer solutions to fix the problems.

Why Choose Go Pro Home Inspections

Go Pro Home Inspections truly cares about your new home and we take the time to inspect your home the right way. So you can be sure it is safe for your family. We go over each inspection with you, so you know exactly what is in great shape and what may need repairs.

If your new home happens to need a few repair. We will give you suggestions on getting repairs from licensed professional.

Contact Us

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